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Dr. Serena Wadhwa

What I love about what I do is everything. Helping others find their path, as there are many, is my service. Healing and lessening the struggle, by acceptance, love, and empathy offers a space to do your work. Change happens as a process, sometimes cyclic. Sometimes you have the resolve and determination to continue moving forward and sometimes you regress steps or stages back to uncertainty, doubt or fear. My role is to collaborate with you on where you’re at, where you want to go, and what will get you there in a non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Feeling safe and supported fuel determination, whether it comes from inside you, outside from me, or both. The point is, I work with you towards stress fitness and optimal wellness.

In the course of my professional and personal experience, I have also learned there is a difference between therapy and coaching. When I joined my first coaching program, I discovered that was precisely what I needed. I needed reinforcements, a community of like-minded individuals on a similar path.  As a result, life opened tremendously. What I took from this experience, is there is a difference between therapy and coaching.  Sometimes the insight can be there, but without the support, tools and game plan, it isn’t always enough.

Thus, I created the Stress Intelligence Coaching Program. Awareness allows more space to know what tools, if any, to bring.  You can find more about the stress intelligence program on this page.

What I also learned, from my own struggles and in working with others, is the importance of alignment. Not just how our posture may be or something like that, alignment of our values, actions, thoughts and emotions. Distress occurs with there is “too much” in one area, because all pieces are important. It’s not about the liking of something, it’s about the functioning, integration, and meaning. I’ve learned this through my yoga training and the work I continue to do along this path. I teach wherever I can about stress and life, and have many workshops and talks approaching. Please check the events page for more information.

I welcome the chance to speak with you and see how we can work together. And if that doesn’t work, I will assist in potential referrals.

Thank you. Your presence makes all the difference. 




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