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Stress Intelligence: 365+ ways to smooth the stress flow


Uncover, discover and recover tools to help with the prevention, management, reduction, and embracing the stress flow.This book is a reflection of 21 years of experience, training, education, and trial and error. The tools in this book and the creation of how Dr. Serena understands stress, provides a holistic and comprehensive perspective on the experience of stress. While a certain amount of stress is necessary, Dr. Serena provides tools that may help as one pursues what they want to feel, be, and do in their life, recognizing that stress does not need to be the reason to stop one from obtaining these.  She reflects on her own experiences with using some of the tools, as well as stories she has collected about the use of these tools.

Stress in the Modern World

An engaging exploration of the scientific theories and medical conditions relating to stress and an examination of case studies that suggest ways to manage, reduce, and prevent stress in everyday life.

• Examines the impact of stress on both physical and psychological health and from both theoretical and practical perspectives

• Provides broad, detailed coverage that explains what stress is, the effects of stress, and effective―and ineffective―methods of coping with or reducing stress

• Includes personal accounts from individuals who explain how a specific coping strategy worked for them, thereby providing suggestions of how readers may be able to improve the quality of their own lives


Grief and Loss in the Workplace

Loss is an intricate part of living.  There are no exceptions.  This book explores loss and grief, and their implications, culturally, socially, and individually.  While grieving is an individual process, it is important to know how to connect and provide support to a workplace colleague who may be dealing with grief and loss.
Grief and Loss in the Workplace: 

  • Describes the myths and misconceptions that relate to grief and loss.

  • Defines loss, grief, bereavement, mourning, and rituals.

  • Recognize how grief may impact work, work relations, productivity, etc.

  • Identifies and explains the signs and symptoms of grief in a general context, so that it may provide some framework of identifying if someone is grieving.

  • Presents ideas you can draw upon in planning your approach and providing support. 

As you read this book, you may be thinking about losses in your own life and potentially wondering about the impact it is having on you.  This is okay.  If you find yourself doing so, there are several resources in the back of the book you may utilize.  Remember, when it comes to grief, you are not alone


Substance Use in the Workplace:  Problem or Not?

Managers and/or supervisors may find themselves at the crossroads asking if an employee’s substance use is a problem or not.
Substance Use in the Workplace explores that question.  We provide some basic information about various substances as well as how these may affect someone.  The author addresses various criteria in terms of determining if there’s a problem. 
While the idea is not to “diagnose” a problem, you will gain introductory information and skills to determine if there is a problem and some options to handle it.
This book also offers some options to help the individual who has a problem (in terms of treatment) as this can be beneficial to the company and demonstrate a collaborative and moving forward work environment.


Addiction Treatment Lecture Activities 

Enhance your psycho educational presentations with interactive activities designed to help participants learn and retain information, while having fun... 

Addiction Treatment Lecture Activities 
Volume I:  Disease Progression and Relapse Prevention
Volume II:  Self Esteem and Affirmations


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