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~Happy Holidays~



Look for upcoming workshops, yoga classes, events, classes and FaceBook challenges in 2019! 


Here is a listing of upcoming workshops and other offerings. Please note these are publicly available events and do not include private workshops. 

If the workshop title is underlined, you can click it for a link to the site for more information.




10/23 Transforming Blocks to Change- Oakton Community College


10/26 Substance Use Disorders 


10/26 The Fatigued Soul: When Compassion Runs Out and what you can do about it. 


10/30 Mindfulness and Psychotherapy 




11/10 Relapse Prevention ICA conference

11/16 Relapse Prevention




12/8 Ethics and Cultural Competency-AATP


2/22/19 Your Calling Has Been Disconnected: Chronic Stress for the Professional 




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