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I am excited to have you here!  



I started dabbling in stress management back in 1996 after several severe stressors entered my life. I wanted to find ways to soothe my experience and re-center myself. I started teaching stress management strategies (DBA Simple Elements). At the time, I was completing my BA, so my plate was pretty full. 


By the time entered my MA program I had visited the university health clinic numerous times. Experiencing strange physiologically symptoms that the providers only attributed to stress. Elusive and yet, according to the providers a firm answer. "Just relax, and you will be fine."


So once again, in my quest to get some answers to what was happening to me, I did extensive research, ended up writing a column on stress management for the university paper and conducted workshops where participants learned about stress management tools. I immersed myself in the topic.


That was also when the idea for my book, Stress Intelligence: 365 Ways to Smooth Your Stress Flow started. This book has been a 20+ year project and is coming out very soon. It is the basis of the SLS2 course where you can hone your knowledge, skills, and ability to prevent, manage, and reduce the stress in your life. 


When I was diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome resulting from the chronic stress I experienced, I realized managing my stress also helped me manage my pain. Thus, really understanding the tools, applying them, and practicing became vital to my personal and professional life. 

When I took my first coaching program to help me launch my SLS2 program, I had one of those "A-ha" moments where I realized that what I needed was a coach and not a therapist. I learned that coaching is a much different service than what therapy provides and while it's possible to have a therapist do coaching and therapy, it is not so for a coach to provide therapy. This recognition helped me create the coaching program, designed to give you tools and encouragement to move forward in optimizing your stress path. 


The SLS2 program helps you uncover, discover and recover new tools to manage that survival mechanism and change your relationship with your stress, thus opening yourself to having the uplifted like you want, when you stop living stress and start living success. 


My mission is to change 100,000 peoples' relationship with stress. Let's start here. 

I look forward to seeing you in the group and the class! 



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