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Welcome Awakened Woman Conference Member! 

Being Awakened Does Not Mean Being Stressed! 

You are on an extraordinary journey and are ready to take it to the next epic step! We are here to help you with the stress of that transition. Change may be welcomed, yet the transition may be challenging. This special coaching program, designed specifically for the Awakened Woman, will provide you the extra tools, community, and one-on-one support, guidance and resources you need to smooth that stress flow. 

This epic offering is exclusive to members attending or live streaming the conference! 


A portion of all sales goes to future  Awakened Women conferences. 

What's included:


  1. One hour community webinar

  2. Manual sent directly to you

  3.  One hour (can be divided into two 30-minute sessions) of personal stress coaching


Plus bonuses, lifelong membership into the stress intelligence community group, sneak-peeks AND MORE! 


All at the incredible price of 



Only available until 11/27/16. Sign up in person at the conference or via paypal @

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